Serving the Children of the World


Every year around April or May, all club members elect a new board for the following administrative year. There are currently 10 elected positions for the board. The administrative year starts on October 1st and ends on September 30th of each year.


Frederica McLean
Role: Club President
Member Since: 2008
What I do: I am a teacher and therapist to children with high functioning to severe Autism Spectrum Disorders and other delays/disabilities. In addition, I have founded Living Above Disorder, Inc. which is a consulting and service company dedicated to serving families and their communities with information, education and recreational opportunities. I have a beautiful, smart and creative little boy who is the light of my life and I am working on an advanced degree in Educational Leadership and Administration. My passions include business, education, writing and families.
What most attracted you to Kiwanis: The motto: Serving the Children of the World. After I joined, I realized that they Kiwanis is doing so much more. We get involved in great service projects, get to meet, socialize and network with great people, travel and achieve the goal of giving back to the community. It has been a great experience and I am humbled to serve in the capacity as President, looking forward to expansion. Come visit us! Always "Living Above Disorder"

Heather Chin
Role: Club President-Elect
Member Since: Fall 2006
What I do: I have collaborated with other members of the Board on policy, project planning and outreach issues, being available for board and inter-K-family meetings as necessary. I have also served as a liaison with other Kiwanis clubs. As Sponsored Youth Representative for our club, it has been my responsibility to visit, collaborate with, listen to, and aid our sponsored youth with projects, events, meetings and district paperwork, as well as to encourage stronger communication between their clubs and our club.
What attracted me to Kiwanis: I am a former sponsored-youth, having joined the K-Family as a Key Clubber and then continuing in Circle K. I joined for the opportunity to do community service with great people who would become great friends. To some people, Kiwanis is just one of many service organizations, but Kiwanis is more than that thanks to the collective power of its member's commitment to serving children around the world and in our own neighborhoods. I also enjoy nurturing youth giving back to youth.

Steven Chin
Role: Club Secretary, Newsletter Editor

Jason Steiner
Role: Club Treasurer, Past Club President
Member Since: 2005
What attracted me to Kiwanis: I have been involved with the K-Family for a long time (I am a past Circle K International President.) In 2003, I moved back to New York City. Stacey and Alison Guardino (good friends from college) found out I was back in town and gave me a call. They invited me to a NYCYP project with Meals on Heels and a club social. Both events brought back vivid memories of my time in Circle K and as part of the K-family. They brought back the wonderful feelings of making a positive difference in other people's lives.

Michael Weigand
Role: Immediate-Past Club President
Member Since: 2004


Marissa Bailey
Role: Board Member
Member Since: 2009
What I do: I am a School Counselor for a public middle school in the Bronx.
What attracted me to Kiwanis: I really love volunteering and meeting new people. I was a part of Circle K at the University of Delaware where I was introduced to Young Professional Kiwanis Clubs. A few months after I moved to NYC, I searched for the club online and soon after attended my first meeting!


Ralph Ciardulli
Role: Board Member, Webmaster
Member Since: 2009
What I do: I am an electrical engineer for a consulting firm in New York City. I specialize in the design, testing and commissioning of electrical and mechanical systems for mission critical facilities.
What attracted me to Kiwanis: I was a member of Key Club throughout my high school career. I also served as Key Club Lieutenant Governor of the Long Island Southwest Division in 1998-1999. I truly enjoyed the entire Key Club experience and the great sense of community. Unfortunately, Circle-K was not offered at my college. After several years of hard work starting my engineering career, I felt the need to return to the K-Family. I wanted to work with others and give back to the community. I found the Kiwanis Club of NYCYP, a great group of people with a common interest to help others. I quickly joined the club and never looked back.

Nicole Kennedy
Role: Board Member
Member Since: Fall 2010
What I do: I work as a consultant in financial due diligence.
What attracted me to Kiwanis: I was a member of Key Club and Circle K so I always knew that I wanted to join Kiwanis after college. I really enjoy the community service and fellowship aspects of the K-Family. A friend of mine from Circle K introduced me to the Young Professionals club so I attended a meeting and a few service projects with the club after I moved to NYC and joined shortly after!

Eugene Nam
Role: Board Member
Member Since: 2011
What I do: Investment Grade and High Yield Corporate Credit Risk Analyst in the banking sector
What most attracted you to Kiwanis: I really enjoy volunteering and serving my community. A friend mentioned the Kiwanis Organization and I began my search online for a local chapter. A week later, I attended my first Kiwanis NYCYP club meeting.

Kristen Wendling
Role: Board Member
What I do: Customer Relations Associate Manager
at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia
What most attracted you to Kiwanis: I first became involved as a Circle K club member in 1991. At that time I really enjoyed working with children. I continued my membership in Circle K as a charter member of the SUNY at Buffalo club in 1996, where we raised money for the homeless by braving the harsh winter in Buffalo by camping outside. It wasn't until 2005 that I decided to join the Kiwanis Family.  I realized that I missed helping others and wanted to continue serving the community.



President- Michael Weigand
Vice President- Heather Chin
President-Elect- Jennifer Lee
Secretary- Alison Guardino
Treasurer- Jason Steiner
Board- Marissa Bailey, Steven Chin, Meg Deiss, Matthew Herlihy
Immediate-Past President- Ricky Milburn


President- Ricky Milburn
Vice President- Kristen Wendling
President-Elect- Michael Weigand
Secretary- Alison Guardino
Treasurer- Meg Deiss
Board- Jennifer Lee, Steven Chin, Matthew Herlihy, Joseph Lim
Immediate-Past President- Jason Steiner


President- Jason Steiner
Vice President- Michael Weigand
President-Elect- Ricky Milburn
Secretary- Alison Guardino
Treasurer- Meg Deiss
Board- Heather Chin, Kristen Wendling, Charlotte Owens, Joseph Lim
Immediate-Past President- Tyesha Branch


President- Tyesha Branch
Vice President- Ricky Milburn
President-Elect- Jason Steiner
Secretary- Alison Guardino
Treasurer- Meg Deiss
Board- Frank Melaccio, Charlotte Owens, Joseph Lim, Kristen Wendling
Immediate-Past President- Dawn Schmidt


President- Dawn Schmidt
Vice President- Jason Steiner
President-Elect- Tyesha Branch
Secretary- Alison Guardino
Treasurer- Meg Deiss
Board- Kevin Dean, Stacey Guardino, Charlotte Owens, Monica Gupta
Immediate-Past President- Joseph Lim


President- Joseph Lim
Vice Presidents- Danny Orsburn, Dawn Schmidt
Secretary- Alison Guardino
Treasurer- Meg Deiss
Board- Tyesha Branch, Stacey Guardino, Michelle Kelly, Charlotte Owens, Diane Taranto
Immediate-Past President- Kevin Dean

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